Saturday, 3 December 2011

Starting afresh.

This must be what, the third blog I've tried to keep now? So I'm doing some very crucial things differently.

1: This is a generic blog, my previous two blogs were focused on a WoW class and an IC EVE Online blog. There will be posts about EVE (mostly OOC but possibly some IC!) possibly even WoW related posts (I don't play it any more, but I like to keep an eye on how things are going.) But there will be plenty of other things, though I'll try to keep it gaming related (which isn't hard, it's my biggest hobby) Feel free to pick and mix, I'll tag my posts appropriately.

2: I swear to not give a damn about replies. I use to write some really long thought out posts on my previous blogs and be dismayed when no one ever gave me feedback or a reply. Which leads to ...

3: I'll be writing about things because I feel like it, not because I feel I have to. It's not a diary, it's just a collection of thoughts stored somewhere online, and who knows, other people might find them interesting.

Otherwise why else are you here?

Anyway in the spirit of doing everything completely backwards I'll finish with an introduction. I am the Northern Goblin, it's a nickname fused from my "Goblin" nickname at University, given for drinking large amounts of Hobgoblin ale and the traditional "Northern Monkey" moniker that comes with living in the better half of England.

I'd carry on but hopefully this blog will give people a sense of what I get up to over time. Oh and I also have a twitter:!/Northern_Goblin

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