Monday, 5 December 2011

My first blog entry!

And it's not even on this site..

Ok so before I decided to kickstart this blog up I was chatting with the ever wonderful Myhrial Arkenath about many things, one topic that constantly comes up is my gripe about the EVE UI.

Now I've always been a bit OCD with settings in games, to the point where my WoW UI was completely custom and set to my own specifications, with mouse bindings, extra bars and a few tweaks (LUI makes awesome UI base packages. If you still play WoW on a decent machine and are thinking of a new UI look them up! The base UI they give you is amazing as it is, but the level of customisation you can have with it makes it second to none.)

So she asked me to write her a guest blog about my thoughts on EVE Online's UI system and changes/improvements I'd like to see done. You can find it here.

Other than that my weekend was capped off with my latest parody song in EVE Online going public. My EVE character, being a goof that he is, tends to spend his evenings drinking and thinking of strange and wonderful things, some of which are actually funny (most are not.) And every so often he comes up with the idea for a parody song (which is whenever I get inspiration for them) Before now they took a day, or a weekend at most to write, this one took the better part of Eighteen Months.

Personally I think the time I spent pondering, writing and rewriting it paid off. But I'm always interested in more feedback, do remember the Intergalactic Summit forum is strictly in character, so if you post there do keep that rule in mind.

Will be away from gaming till the weekend, visiting the family as I don't see them over Christmas. So have a good week!



  1. Great article! I got a thorough laugh over the "push button, recieve bacon" heading! The fact that you know the meme and then used it as an apt reference to UI issues just rolled me out of my chair. Absolutely fabulous.

  2. I use to play Paladin in WoW. Push Button Receive Bacon was overused after Ghostcrawler misspelt Beacon of Light.